A downloadable game for Windows

Submission to WeeklyGameJame Week 114.


You are a twenty something Graphic Designer. Or at least, that was the plan. After month of applying for jobs, you have nothing to show for it. Each day you're hoping for that lucky break.


This is my first game jam game! And the second application I've made using WPF, a software made for making windows applications and not intended as a game engine haha.

Some of you might be able to tell that this game was inspired by Lucus Popes amazing job simulation games (Papers Please, Unsolicited, The Republia Times).

There is a lot i could have done to polish the game, and i wish the main mechanics were more challenging and tactile, nonetheless i am very happy with that i managed to make a full game in six days.

Install instructions

Run setup

Ignore the warning boxes. 

On Windows 8 press "see more" on the "Windows protected your PC". Then click "Run Anyway".


AGoodDay.zip 279 kB

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